Martin Gregetz - passionate furniture designer

Martin Gregetz’s adopted home is the valley of the Meurthe in France. In a historical forester’s house at the edge of the forest in the secluded Vosges mountains, where nature is still wild and free, Martin Gregetz draws strength and inspiration for unusual furniture ideas.

Martin Gregetz’ workshop is the source of furniture that lies outside the trends of the times. He produces all the furniture with loving attention to detail from local fruitwood and precious woods. His furniture radiates previously undreamt-of peace and delights body, spirit and soul. Each item of furniture, lovingly handcrafted and made to measure, is and remains an original expression of his creativity and is unique. Anyone who owns an original GREGETZ® item of furniture has long since realised that this furniture retains its value even after decades. GREGETZ® is a byword for connoisseurs of exclusive stylish furniture made from local solid wood.