Welcome to the GREGETZ® website

The name GREGETZ® stands for furniture made from local fruitwood and precious woods, and is a byword for clear, simple and timeless furniture.

Each item of furniture is lovingly handcrafted and made to measure. It bears Martin Gregetz’ signature and is an unmistakeable original creation by him. Anyone who owns an item of original GREGETZ® furniture will quickly realise that it retains its value even after decades.

A bed like no other. Timeless design. Inspiring functionality. The finest sleeping comfort. Live, love, sleep whenever you want.

This table makes an elegant eye-catcher in your home. Timeless design. Rare precious wood combined with brushed stainless steel.

A high-quality coat rack made of fine woods. Its clear lines make it an item of furniture for sophisticated requirements.

A shelf like no other. The Gregetz system enables shelf designs to be created up to 2.80 m high and in any desired width