MINA shelving system

The MINA shelf developed by GREGETZ® is something that has never been seen before: a multivariable, self-supporting shelf system with vertical guidance incorporating cubes and supports made of pure solid wood.

This novelty uses dovetail grooves on shelf supports that are fixed at any height using shelf clips. The respective elements can form an ensemble of cubes of different heights made from different local fruit and precious woods.

The MINA shelf can be set up individually, double or as a whole system with many elements. It is suitable both as a transparent, free-standing room divider or as an installation in front of a wall. Each piece is lovingly made by a master craftsman and is unique.

The MINA shelf fits wonderfully into any conceivable room situation and radiates a calming simplicity through the filigree shelf supports in combination with the straight-lined cubes.

The patent-protected MINA shelf is available as a series product with specified dimensions or, with a corresponding lead time, as a customised model with variable dimensions.

  • The lengths of the shelf supports can be selected from 180-280 cm in 10 cm increments.
  • The shelf is 40 cm deep.
  • Each carrier is height-adjustable.
  • Small series standard in ash wood.
  • Cubes consist of approx. 1.5–1.7 cm solid wood.
  • Cube dimensions – small series: 40 cm / 40 cm / 40 cm
  • Cube dimensions – 18 cm version: 18 cm / 40 cm /40 cm
  • Cube dimensions – 15 cm version: 15 cm / 40 cm /40 cm
  • Cube dimensions – 12 cm version: 12 cm / 40 cm /40 cm
  • Cube dimensions – 9 cm version: 9 cm / 40 cm /40 cm
  • Cube dimensions – 7 cm version: 7 cm / 40 cm /40 cm
  • Surfaces: untreated, oiled and polished with beeswax or hard wax seal.
  • Material: local fruitwood (walnut, cherry, apple, pear, plum) and European precious woods (maple, ash, elm, oak).
  • Delivery period: approx. 2-4 weeks

For example, you will receive this shelf with 4 cubes (H/W/D) 40/40/40 cm made of heartwood ash and 4 220 cm height adjustable untreated shelf supports at a price of € 1,400 incl. VAT.

Fruit and precious woods

MINA shelving system