MIA coat rack

The filigree MIA coat rack can be used double-sided as a free-standing room installation on a solid stainless steel base, or decoratively placed against the wall for one-sided use as a classic coat rack.

The special feature of the MIA coat rack, besides the selected and lovingly processed domestic fruitwood and precious woods, are the elegant clothes hooks, which sprout from the individual wooden struts like fins.

The straight wooden struts of the MIA coat rack are connected with stainless steel rings to form a translucent, fine-textured surface.

  • The individual struts can be selected in a length of 160–220 cm in increments of 10 cm.
  • The coat rack is approximately 40 cm wide.
  • The steel stand is 50 x 50 cm. Weight approx. 24 kg, height adjustable.
  • The standard is approx. 17 wooden struts, 4 of which have hooks.
  • Cubes consist of approx. 0.8 cm solid wood and are 8 x 8 cm.
  • Surfaces: untreated, oiled and polished with beeswax or hard wax seal.
  • Individual expansion options thanks to expandable fastening elements.
  • The cubes are also made of solid wood.
  • The coat rack is available as a wall fixture or as a standing coat rack with a steel base, usable on both sides.
  • Delivery period: approx. 2-4 weeks
  • Free delivery within a radius of 150 km.

Coat rack for the wall, for example with 17 untreated ash struts, 4 of which have hooks measuring 200 x 40 cm. Price € 380 including VAT.

Fruit and precious woods

MIA coat rack